About Us

TGDI has a policy of working with owners and architects during design and construction to maximize construction dollars without jeopardizing buildings' structural integrity or architectural character. We'll walk you through the building process phases (noted below) to ensure you make decisions that will allow your dream home to become a reality within your budget and timeframe.

1. Select your home site. TGDI will meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of any home site you're interested in buying.

2. Select your architect. TGDI will recommend architects to suit your needs, review plans and provide valuable input to your design.

3. Submit your plans for permit. TGDI will assist you in coordinating all the independent licensed engineers you'll need to complete your plans and the permitting process.

4. Decorating your home. TGDI will recommend interior designers and guide you to suppliers to help you make your final finish decisions.

5. Breaking ground. TGDI will break ground and frame your home as soon as the building permits are pulled.

6. Construction. TGDI will assist you in making decisions during both the rough and finish phases of construction.

7. Move-In. TGDI will assist you with all your move-in needs.